Mangrove Jack

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19L Kegas (Cornelius) 

19L Kegas (Cornelius)

Mangrove 19 l capacity stainless steel barrel with ball-lock. New.
BV7 Vyno mielės 

BV7 Wine yeast

A white wine variety that increases volume and intensity to express the full flavor of the variety. This medium-fermenting yeast also promotes good body and structure, while retaining the natural...
Vyno miel?s Mangrove Jack's" CL23

CL23 wine yeast

It is a versatile strain with a very neutral sensory impact, suitable for many types of wine, especially white, rosé and sparkling wines. This fast-fermenting yeast is very robust, tolerating...
Mead M05 10g.

M05 Mead - midaus mielės

Mangrove Jack M05 - midaus mielės Daug esterių gaminanti padermė, suteikianti gaivių, gėlių esterių, ypač kai fermentuojama vėsiai. Šios mielės labai gerai toleruoja alkoholį ir gerai fermentuojasi įvairiose temperatūrose. Tinka...
Voss Kveik M12 10g.

M12 Voss Quay

Voss Kveik is a top-fermenting yeast characterized by rapid fermentation at very high temperatures, but maintaining a neutral taste with mild citrus notes. M12 Kveik yeast is suitable for a...
M15 Empire Ale 

M15 Empire Ale - alaus mielės

A top-fermenting ale yeast suitable for a variety of full-flavored beers with exceptional depth. Fermented with a rich, rich dark fruit flavor. Suitable for Scottish stouts, American amber ales, sweet...
M20 Bavarian Wheat 

M20 Bavarian Wheat - alaus mielės

Pleasantly soft, light golden color, rich aroma of vanilla and bananas, long-lasting aftertaste. This yeast creates a silky mouthfeel and rich body. Suitable for making Hefeweizen, Kristal Weizen, Dunkel Weizen,...
M21 Belgian Wit 

M21 Belgian White

A traditional top-fermenting yeast with a good balance between fruity esters and warming spice phenolics. The yeast leaves a slight sweetness and if left long enough, turns light in color....
M29 French Saison Ale 

M29 French Saison - alaus mielės

French "Saison" yeast is an exclusive, top-fermenting ale yeast that produces beer with spicy, fruity and peppery flavors. Ideal for fermenting country-style beer. Suitable for Saison and Country style beers...
M31 Belgian Tripel 

M31 Belgian Tripel - alaus mielės

A fantastically complex blend of spices, fruit esters, phenolics and alcohol. In addition, the yeast is tolerant of high alcohol content, making it perfect for a variety of Belgian styles....
Liberty Bell M36 10g.

M36 Liberty Bell - alaus mielės

A top-fermenting ale yeast suitable for brewing a variety of hoppy and distinctive style beers. This strain produces light, smooth fruity esters and helps bring out the malt character. Suitable...
M41 Belgian Ale 

M41 Belgian Ale - alaus mielės

Pungent and phenolic, this yeast echoes the intensity and complexity of some of Belgium's best monastic brews. High attenuation and tolerance to alcohol allows brewing many types of Belgian beer....
U.S. West Cost M44 10g.

M44 US West Coast

A top-fermenting ale strain suitable for American ales. This yeast has a very clean taste, ideal when you want to bring out the character of the hops. Suitable for American...
M47 Belgian Abbey 

M47 Belgian Abbey - alaus mielės

Moderately alcohol tolerant, with less phenolics than Belgian Ale, this yeast is extremely fruity, with extremely complex esters and high flocculability. Suitable for Belgian pale ale and Abbey beer. Attenuation:...
Californian Lager M54 10g.

M54 Californian Lager - alaus mielės

A unique strain of lager that can ferment at ale temperature without associated off-flavors. It also does not require a longer tanning period. Suitable for California Common and any lager...
Hophead ale M66 10g.

M66 Hophead Ale

A yeast enzyme blend that enhances aromatics and esters, perfect for New England, hazy and fruity IPAs. Selected enzymes improve the aroma and taste of late hops and fruit additions....
Bavarian Lager M76 10g.

M76 Bavarian Lager - alaus mielės

Bottom fermentation yeast suitable for most lager styles. Promotes a lower sulfur content than other types of lager yeast, as well as a fuller, rounder malt character and a well-defined...
M84 Bohemian Lager 

M84 Bohemian Lager

Bottom fermentation yeast suitable for European lager and pilsner style beers. This yeast will produce a mild, delicate and balanced dry and clean beer. Suitable for German and/or Bohemian pilsners,...
Vyno miel?s "Mangrove Jack's" MA33

MA33 wine yeast

This strain can reduce malic content by 30-35% and total titratable acidity, making it ideal for young wines intended for early consumption and fruit with high acidity. This medium fermentation...
Mangrove American Pale Ale, su sausu apyniavimu

Mangrove American Pale Ale

Amerikietiškas šviesusis elis su nuoroda į amatininkų alaus daryklos įkūrėjus. Šis alus pasižymi sodriu salyklo charakteriu su biskvito užuominomis ir subalansuotu kartumu. Sausai apyniuotas Simcoe ir Chinook apyniais, kurie suteikia...
Mangrove Baltic Porter 

Mangrove Baltic Porter

A full-bodied porter with a rich roasted flavor that leaves a nice warm malty sweetness. A rich and complex roasted malt aroma with savory, earthy hop aromas. Black color with...
Mangrove Belgian Tripel 

Mangrove Belgian Tripel

A medium-weight Tripel with complex spiced fruit flavors and aromas, sweet grain malt notes and a gentle warmth on the finish. Amber color with white foam..
Mangrove Irish Red Ale, su sausu apyniavimu

Mangrove Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale. Fruity, with notes of dark berries and hints of caramel. Goldings lends a subdued earthy aroma to this full-bodied, richly fruity beer with subtle caramel spice.
Mangrove Red Ipa 

Mangrove Red Ipa

Smooth malt body, complex fruit flavors and a nice balance of hops, finishing with a dry, pleasant bitterness.
Mangrove Spiced Belgian Dubbel 

Mangrove Spiced Belgian Dubbel

Rich and complex, sweet malt aromas combined with bright fruit esters and sharp phenolic notes of cinnamon and cloves. This Dubbel is well balanced, moderately dry and subtly sweet. Dark...
Skystas Salyklo Ekstraktas 1,5kg 

Liquid Malt Extract 1.5kg

Mangrove Jack Liquid Malt Extract - Light 100% pure pale malt extract. Provides essential sugars, flavor and aroma, making it the perfect base for custom brewing recipes. It also allows...
Vyno miel?s "Mangrove Jack's" SN9

SN9 Wine yeast

A general purpose, relatively neutral sensory effect suitable for almost any style of wine. This fast-fermenting yeast is very robust, tolerating difficult fermentation conditions and alcohol content up to 18%...