Rules for buying and selling goods in the online store

1. Concepts

1.1. MB "Alus vivai" in.k. : 305122915 registration address: Vytenio st. 50 Vilnius, hereinafter referred to as -
1.2. Buyer - 1) legal entity; 2) an able-bodied natural person, who is a person who has reached the age of majority, whose capacity is not limited by court order;
1.3. Parties - Buyer and together.
1.4. partner – legal entity: 1) Representing or providing services such as transportation or the like. 2) with which joint actions or projects such as support, organization of events, or other commercial or public projects are carried out.
1.5. Personal data - any information related to a natural person - a data subject whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly determined using data such as a personal code, one or more physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social characteristics characteristic of a person signs
1.6. The rules are as follows: "Buying and selling goods in the online store rules".
1.7. Account - the result of the Buyer's registration on, which creates an account that protects his personal data and order history.
1.8. Privacy policy - a document approved by, which provides the basic rules for collecting, storing, processing and storing Personal data using

2. General provisions

2.1 The buyer approves the Rules after familiarizing himself with them and ticking the box next to the statement "By ticking, you agree with the Terms and Conditions". The Rules approved in this way are a binding legal document for the Parties, which determine the rights and obligations of the Buyer and, the conditions for purchasing goods and paying for them, the procedure for the delivery and return of goods, the parties' responsibilities and other conditions related to the purchase of goods - the sale of goods on
2.2 reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time, taking into account the requirements set by the legislation.
2.3 Only Buyers, as defined in Clause 1.2 of the Rules, have the right to buy By approving the Rules and having familiarized himself with the Privacy Policy (Article 1.8 of the Rules), the buyer confirms that he has the right to buy goods on
2.4 The personal data provided by the buyer (name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc.) when registering and purchasing are stored and processed in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (Editorial: 13 - 2016.11.03 (from 2017.01 .01)) and the "Privacy Policy" appendix to the Rules.
2.4.1 The buyer must familiarize himself with's approved and publicly published Privacy Policy. The Buyer expresses consent or disagreement with specific ways of using the Buyer's Personal Data in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Privacy Policy itself.
2.5 The buyer can order and buy goods on by choosing one of the following methods:
2.5.1 by registering online, creating an Account (by entering your registration name and password);
2.5.2 online without registering at;
2.5.3 in the physical store at Kauno st. 30 Vilnius, without disclosing personal data.
2.6 The contract between the Buyer and is considered to have been concluded from the moment when the Buyer, after choosing the product(s) to be purchased and creating a basket of goods, confirms that he has familiarized himself with the current Rules, and confirms the payment.
2.7 Each Buyer's order is registered and stored in the database.
2.8 sends all notifications to the e-mail address provided in the Buyer's registration form.
2.9 The buyer sends all messages and questions by e-mail. by mail:

3. Buyer's rights, duties and responsibilities

3.1 The buyer has the right to buy goods and must pay for them and accept them in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.
3.2 The buyer is responsible for actions performed using
3.3 The buyer has the right to refuse the contract of purchase and sale of goods concluded with and to exchange or return the purchased goods in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules and the rules for warranty service, exchange and return of goods.
3.4 The buyer must provide complete and correct personal data in the registration form. If the Buyer does not provide accurate data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences. The Buyer assumes all the risk of losses arising from this.
3.5 The buyer undertakes not to transfer his registration and login data to third parties. If the Buyer loses his login data, he must immediately inform by e-mail is not responsible for the actions of third parties after using the Buyer's login data until the moment of notification. In this case, has the right to consider that the actions were performed by the Buyer.
3.6 stores cookies on the Buyer's computer (device) in order to provide full-fledged services on the website. The recorded information is used to identify the Buyer as a previous user of the website, to collect attendance statistics. The buyer can review which cookies are being saved at any time and can delete saved cookies.
3.7 The Buyer, by changing the settings of his Internet browser, has the right not to consent to the recording and use of cookies on the Buyer's computer (device), but in this case some functions may be unavailable to the Buyer
3.8 The buyer, using, undertakes to comply with these Rules, other conditions clearly indicated by and not to violate the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

4. Seller's rights, duties and responsibilities
4.1 If the Buyer tries to harm the stability and security of's work or violates his obligations, has the right to immediately and without warning restrict or suspend his access to or cancel the Buyer's registration.
4.2 In the event of important circumstances, may temporarily or completely terminate the activities of without notifying the Buyer in advance.

4.3 has the right to cancel the order without notifying the Buyer in advance, if the Buyer, having chosen the payment methods provided for in clauses 5.5.1 or 5.5.2 of the Rules, does not pay for the goods within 2 hours.
4.4 If contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities carried out there, does not supervise or control those websites and does not represent those companies and individuals.
4.5 is released from any responsibility in cases where losses arise because the Buyer, disregarding's recommendations and his obligations, did not familiarize himself with these Rules, although he was given such an opportunity.
4.6 may initiate various promotions at its discretion.
4.7 has the right unilaterally, without separate notice, to change the conditions of the promotions, as well as to cancel them, in addition, unilaterally, without separate notice.
4.8 undertakes to enable the Buyer to use the services provided by under the conditions set out in these Rules and other documents.
4.9 undertakes to clearly and comprehensibly provide the Buyer with the information established in Article 6.2287 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.10 undertakes to respect the Buyer's privacy right to his personal information specified in the registration form, with the exception of the cases stipulated in the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.11 undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by him under the conditions specified in Clause 6 of the Rules.
4.12, unable to deliver the ordered product to the Buyer due to important circumstances, undertakes to offer an analogous product or a product that is as similar as possible. If the buyer refuses to accept an analogous product or the most similar product, undertakes to return the money paid to the buyer within 3 (three) working days, if prepayment was made.

5. Product prices, payment procedure and terms

5.1 Product prices specified in the product catalog are valid only when purchasing these products at
5.2 The prices of goods on are indicated after including VAT.
5.3 Delivery prices are not included and are specified separately when placing an order.
5.4 The delivery price is clearly indicated to the Buyer before the confirmation of the order and is distinguished in the confirmation of the order itself.
5.5 The buyer can pay for the goods in three ways:
5.5.1 Using the payment methods offered by OPAY, provided at the time of payment on the website.
5.5.2 by advance bank transfer. The responsibility for data security in this case rests with the respective bank, since all monetary transactions take place in the bank's electronic banking system.
5.5.3 in a physical store, paying in cash or by card.
5.6. In accordance with 5.5.1. and 5.5.2. the payment methods provided in clauses, the Buyer undertakes to pay immediately. In the above-mentioned cases, after payment for the goods, the goods parcel begins to be formed and the deadline for the delivery of the goods begins to be calculated.

6. Delivery of goods

6.1 The goods are delivered through's partner - courier service.
6.2 The price of delivery of orders is calculated according to the pricing of the partner (courier service) of
6.3 Orders to the Curonian Spit are delivered according to the pricing of the partner (courier service) valid at that time.
6.4 When ordering the goods, the buyer undertakes to indicate the place of delivery of the goods.
6.5 The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that he cannot accept the goods himself, and the goods are delivered to the specified address and based on other data provided by the Buyer, the Buyer does not have the right to make claims against regarding the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.
6.6 Goods in stock are delivered to the Buyer after payment on the next working day or within 3 working days after payment. undertakes to deliver the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the product descriptions. These terms are preliminary. These terms do not apply in cases where the necessary goods are not in stock, and the Buyer is informed about the shortage of the goods ordered by him. undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and coordinate the delivery terms and other conditions.
6.7 The buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. In this case, undertakes to immediately contact the Buyer and coordinate the delivery of the goods.
6.8 If the paid order is not delivered within 30 days from the conclusion of the contract. The buyer can also agree on another delivery term. If the goods are not delivered within this term or another agreed term, the Buyer, taking into account the circumstances, may submit a claim to deliver the items within an additional reasonable term. If the goods are not delivered within the additional term set by the Buyer, the Buyer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.
6.9 In all cases, he is exempted from responsibility for the violation of the terms of delivery of the goods, if the goods are not delivered to the Buyer or are delivered late due to the fault of the Buyer or third parties unrelated and/or independent of the Seller, or due to circumstances beyond the control of the Buyer.
6.10 During the delivery of the goods, the Buyer must check the condition of the shipment together with an authorized representative (employee of the courier service). If the buyer signs the invoice (bill of lading) or other document of shipment transfer - acceptance, it is considered that the shipment has been delivered in a suitable condition. Having noticed that the package of the delivered package is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the Buyer must note this in the consignment note or other document of transfer - acceptance of the package and, in the presence of the courier, draw up a free-form parcel damage report. If the Buyer does not perform these actions, he is exempted from responsibility towards the Buyer for damage to the goods, if such violations were caused by damage to the packaging, which the Buyer did not note in the above procedure.
6.11 Delivery of the ordered goods is not included in the delivery service fee - the Buyer can order this service additionally from the courier service. The price of delivery services is determined according to the pricing of the courier service in force at that time.
6.12 The risk of accidental loss or damage of the goods passes to the Buyer from the moment the goods are handed over to the Buyer.
6.13 If the goods cannot be delivered to the Buyer and the Buyer has paid for the goods and their delivery, the courier service contacts the Buyer regarding another time and/or method of delivery of the goods. If the Buyer still fails to deliver the goods, such goods are returned, the order is cancelled, and the money paid for the goods is returned to the Buyer, after deducting the bank fees applied to the Seller for failed bank transfers, the goods delivery fee, if it was applied.

7. Product quality guarantee, expiration date and return and exchange of products

7.1 Defects of the sold goods are removed, low-quality goods are exchanged, returned in accordance with the " Rules of warranty service, exchange and return of goods ", compiled on the basis of articles 6.363, 6.364 and 6.338 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2014. July 22 by resolution no. 738 approved "Rules of retail trade.
7.2 The characteristics of each product sold are generally indicated in the product description attached to each product.
7.3 is not responsible for the fact that the color, shape or other parameters of the available goods may not correspond to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the display used by the Buyer.
7.4 In the event that the manufacturer does not provide a product quality guarantee for certain types of goods, the goods are provided with a 2-year product quality guarantee provided for in Article 6.338 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania: after more than two years have passed from the date of delivery of the item, the buyer is responsible for the defects of the item, if the buyer proves that the defect occurred before the delivery of the item or due to reasons arising before delivery of the item for which the seller is responsible.
7.5 does not provide warranty maintenance services for goods, referring the Buyer to a warranty service center in each specific case.
7.6 The buyer must contact the email address info(eta) regarding warranty service and return/exchange. The request must state the reason for the request, it is necessary to clearly indicate the VAT invoice number and the codes and names of the goods to be returned/exchanged. If a warranty card was issued, a copy of it must be attached.
7.7 In cases where, on the basis of legal acts, a certain expiration date is determined for specific goods, the Seller undertakes to sell such goods to the Buyer in such a way that he is given a real opportunity to use such goods until the end of the expiration date.
7.8 More detailed information related to the warranty conditions and return and exchange of goods is provided in the " Rules for warranty service, exchange and return of goods " in the "Return of goods" section.

8 Final Provisions

8.1 These rules are drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.2 Relations arising on the basis of these rules shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.3 All disagreements arising from the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. If an agreement cannot be reached, disputes are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
8.4 If the Buyer does not agree with the prepared response to the Buyer's written claim, the Buyer can submit his request regarding the purchased product to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus st. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail tarnyba(eta), tel. 85 262 67 51, fax (85) 279 1466, on the website (also for territorial units of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service in counties) - or fill out the application form on the EGS platform 8.5
Electronic resolution of consumer disputes in accordance with European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 Disputes related to the contractual obligations established in the electronic purchase and sale or service contracts of a consumer habitually resident in the European Union and a commercial activity entity established in the European Union can be filed through the Electronic Dispute Resolution (EGS) platform. The EGS platform is available at: