Cooking equipment

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35L BrewZilla Gen 4

BrewZilla 35L Gen 4

BrewZilla Gen 4 is designed as a compact one-pot home brewing system that can be powered from a single 220-240V outlet. Complete system with delay function and gradual mixing function....
Brewster Beacon 40L

Brewster Beacon 40L

Brewster Beacon is a new beacon for homebrewers Brewster Beacon is a new beacon for homebrewers. Let the new Brewster Beacon represent an even better brewing experience and performance. Brewster...
Brewster Beacon 70L

Brewster Beacon 70L

The Brewster Beacon 70 is our largest brewing system, with the ability to brew from 25 liters to 65 liters of premium beer. The Brewster Beacon 70 is based on...
Distiliatoraus kolona VANDENIUI

Distillation Column

The set includes a column with garden connectors and a cover for the column 30.5 cm wide with a 47 mm hole in the middle
20-litre Braumeister PLUS

Braumeister PLUS 20L

In the range of Braumeister microbreweries Now even newer: like the original, but better. This is a Braumeister PLUS with a new brewing control unit and a welded double shell...
Braumeister 200 Ltr.

Braumeister 200L

The fully automatic cooking controller cooks according to individually adapted recipes and performs all cooking phases with precise timing and temperature. Malt lifting is done easily and quickly by lifting...
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