Brewster Beacon 40L
Brewster Beacon 40L

Brewster Beacon 40L

Brewster Beacon is a new beacon for homebrewers

Brewster Beacon is a new beacon for homebrewers. Let the new Brewster Beacon represent an even better brewing experience and performance. Brewster Beacon will brighten up your life and provide thousands of good moments, as well as thousands of liters of homebrew.

Mini brewer system for home brewing of the highest quality craft beer. This baby will impress your friends and family and is big enough to brew 25-35 liters of beer in one go. Home brewing just got easier and better with the new Brewster Beacon. It will take your homebrewing to the next level and from now on you will only look back and wonder "Why didn't I do this sooner?".

Brewster Beacon is different from the competition and the former Brewster NG, we have taken all our experience and knowledge in brewing system. This contributed to the best Brewster. In the new Brewster, we've taken the best of the Brewster NG and loaded the new version with great details and improvements.

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Vendor: Alus live