Viking malt

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Viking Caramel Pale

Viking Caramel Pale

€0,28 – €2,24
 Karamelinis šviesusis salyklas gaminamas iš žaliojo salyklo. Nepaisant mažos spalvos, "Caramel Pale" yra tikras karamelinis salyklas, t. y. krakmolas branduolyje yra želatinizuotas ir sucukrintas. Caramel Pale salyklas yra saldus, panašus...

Viking Malt is a European malt producer established in 1883. in Sweden. They are recognized for the highest quality malts produced according to strict requirements using the latest technology. Over the years, the company has earned an excellent reputation and has become one of the world's leading malt suppliers. Today, Viking Malt has 6 factories in Europe and products are exported to more than 80 countries around the world. The company is a high-value supplier of raw materials to the beer and spirits industry and also conducts research and development to continuously improve its products. Viking Malt aims to become a leader in sustainable farming by implementing innovation and sustainable processes in its production.