Viking Caramel Pale 
Viking Caramel Pale

Viking Caramel Pale

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Caramel pale malt is made from green malt. Despite its slight color, Caramel Pale is a true caramel malt, meaning the starch in the core is gelatinized and sugared. Caramel Pale malt is sweet, caramel-like, and also has notes of caramel and fruit. "Caramel Pale" has negligible enzymatic activity. It contains gluten.

Usage: Caramel Pale is used to produce a rich tasting, clean, round beer. Due to the low color value, it is also suitable for making light beer.

Use for all beer styles. Up to 30%.

Color: 6-10 EBC

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Weight: 1 Kg, 100 g
Vendor: Viking malt