Enzymes and Additives for Wine

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Campden 100g.


Campden - potassium metabisulfate. Package 100g. Powder. Contains potassium metabisulphite. It is used to prevent juice/wine/beer oxidation, to kill wild fruit yeast and to stop the fermentation process. Dosage: to...
Put? slopintuvas Anti-Foam 100ml


Anti-Foam suppressor. Silicon based product. Prevents formation of foam during distillation. Completely odorless, tasteless and completely neutral. Quantity 100ml.


Sodium bentonite (sodium bentonite). Packaging: 100g. Helps clarify cloudy wine or cider. Use before the start of fermentation. Use: 1 teaspoon per 5 liters of wine or cider. Mix in...


Gelatin 20%, liquid, 100ml. Specially used for wines, juices, etc. for clarification. It is preferable to use together with kieselsol (1 ml of kieselsol + 1 ml of gelatin, added...


Klarvit - clarifier. Universal and instantly released 2-component (Kiesel salt, gelatin) clarifying liquid for wine, beer and juice! Cashed out within 6-24 hours. Forms solid deposits. The composition contains 2...
Pektino fermentas Zymex 100g.


Zymex - Pectin enzyme. package: 100g. Enzyme for breaking down pectin. Can reduce juicing time by up to 50% and increase juice yield by up to 10%. It is best...
Tannisol 10g.


Tannisol. Packaging: 10g. Tannisol is a complex antiseptic and antioxidant product for the protection of wine and juice. Used in wine, it protects against common wine defects such as vinegar...
Tartar - kaliumbitartrate 100g.


Tartar. Packaging: 100g. Tartar is pure limestone. It is added to lighter-colored wines to make the wine naturally cold-stabilized: after cooling the wine to < 4 °C and adding a...
Kieselsol clarifier 100ml.


Kieselsol - Wine, juice, beer clarifier. Packaging: 100ml. Silica gel, especially used for wine, juice, etc. to clarify It is mostly used together with liquid gelatin (1 ml of kieselguhr...
Askorbo r?g?tis (Vit. C) 100g.

Ascorvit (Vit. C)

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Package 100g. Used to prevent oxidation of juice, wine and beer. Dosage: 0.5g/10l of juice, beer or wine. It is added before bottling.
Taninas Tannoblanc 20g.


Tannoblanc - Tannins. Packaging: 20g. A compound of tannins, especially suitable for white wines. It has very good antioxidant properties and a bunch of other health benefits. It also softens...
Sorbistat - Kalio sorbatas 100g.


Sorbistat - Potassium sorbate. Packaging: 100g. Stabilizer, protects wines and juices from fermentation. Also used in dairy products. Granular, easy to dissolve. For wine: always use this product with the...