Enzymes and Additives for Wine

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Put? slopintuvas Anti-Foam 100ml


Anti-Foam suppressor. Silicon based product. Prevents formation of foam during distillation. Completely odorless, tasteless and completely neutral. Quantity 100ml.
Lactol 80%

Lactol 80%

Lactol - Lactic acid 80%. 100 ml. Recommended for increasing the acidity of wine and beer. Also suitable for wine that has finished fermentation. Dosage: 12.5 ml (= 15 g)...
Gelatin 20%

Gelatin 20%

Gelatin 20%, liquid, 100ml. Specially used for wines, juices, etc. for clarification. It is preferable to use together with kieselsol (1 ml of kieselsol + 1 ml of gelatin, added...
Bentonite 100g

Bentonite 100g

Helps clarify cloudy wine. Use before the start of fermentation. Use: 1 teaspoon per 5 liters of wine. Mix in half a glass of boiled water and let it settle...


Klarvit - clarifier. Universal and instantly released 2-component (Kiesel salt, gelatin) clarifying liquid for wine, beer and juice! Cashed out within 6-24 hours. Forms solid deposits. The composition contains 2...
Campden 100g.

Campden 100g

Powder. Contains potassium metabisulphite. It is used to prevent juice/wine/beer oxidation, to kill wild fruit yeast and to stop the fermentation process. Dosage: to sterilize must/wine: 1 g/10 l. Dosage...
Sorbistat - Kalio sorbatas 100g.

Sorbistat 100g

Sorbistat - Potassium sorbate.
Pektino fermentas Zymex 100g.

Zymex 100g

Zymex - Pectin enzyme.