Sugar and Sweet Additives

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€4,00 – €10,50
Dextrose is used in a variety of brewing processes, from thickening to carbonation. It is also suitable for making kombucha. Sweetness relative to sucrose (100) = 74.3. Dextrose = glucose,...
Laktoze. Pieno cukrus.


€2,50 – €7,50
Lactose (milk sugar) is used to add sweetness to beer. Lactose is non-fermentable.


€2,00 – €6,00
Purified maltodextrin obtained by hydrolysis of starch, conforming to FCC. It is a white or slightly yellow powder with a moderately sweet taste and a characteristic odor. Used to add...
Cukranendri? Cukrus

Cane Sugar

Raw (unrefined) cane brown sugar. Package 1 kg. Dark cane sugar gives beer and wine a specific taste. Color: from brown to dark brown. As this is a natural product,...
Saldaininis cukrus (baltas) 

Confectioners' sugar (white)

€1,00 – €20,00
Original candy sugar (candi sugar), used in many Belgian breweries. Gives beer a unique taste. It is mostly used in the production of Tripel and other strong ales. Also very...
Saldaininis cukrus (rudas)

Confectioner's sugar (brown)

€1,00 – €20,00
The original brown candy sugar (candi sugar) used by many Belgian breweries. Especially in the production of Doubles and Triples. Adds a unique flavor to beer. Also great for making...
Karbonizacijos lašai "Muntons" 

Carbonation drops "Muntons"

Muntons carbonation drops are the ideal way to carbonate bottled beer or cider. Unlike most carbonation drops on the market, Muntons Carbonation Drops are specially designed for 500ml beer or...
Sugar, Lactose, Dextrose, Maltodextrin and other sweet things.