20 litr? talpos fermentacijos indas

Fermentation vessel 20L


Speidel fermentation vessel 20ltr capacity.

In the set. Breather and faucet.

The fermentation vessel is ready for use.

fermentation tanks are also true Speidel quality: high-quality materials and clean processing guarantee that you will enjoy your fermentation vessels for a long time. And so is your beer. They say beer is only as good as fermentation.

We only use unpainted, food-safe PE plastic in our fermentation tanks. The extra thick wall not only provides stability, but also preserves its aroma. The large opening allows for thorough cleaning, which is in any case very easy thanks to the extremely smooth inner walls and well-thought-out curves.


  • "Original" beverage container
  • Tried and trusted for decades
  • Thick wall is the best, long-lasting aroma
  • made in Germany
  • Certified food safe
  • Sturdy carrying handles


  • height 42 cm
  • Ø 31 cm
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Vendor: Alus live