Coolers and refrigerators

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Ferminator Basic

Ferminator Basic

The Ferminator ensures fermentation at a precise and stable temperature. Room temp. (20 °) Ferminator can reduce the temp. to 0 ° and raise to 50 ° *. The Ferminator...
Ferminator Connect

Ferminator Connect

Ferminator Connect with WiFi It is now possible to control the Ferminator online and see the current temperature and settings. Watch Ferminator Connect in real time from any modern mobile...
Au?intuvas BB70

Cooling Hose BB70

Stainless steel cooler, 16m Diameter 30cm. Height 53cm. Without fittings.
Au?intuvas BB40

Cooling coil BB40

Stainless steel cooler, 8.8 m Diameter 25 cm. Height 37 cm. Without fittings.
A?tuonkampis au?intuvas MAXNAU

Octagonal cooler

Cooler dimensions: Diameter: 53 cm Spiral height: 53 cm Height with ear: 63 cm 35 meters of winding. Made of stainless steel, connects to a standard garden hose connector.
Mini au?inimo gyvatukas

Cooling Hose - Mini

Diameter 13cm Total height 33cm Cools up to 20 liters of liquid most effectively Made of copper
Plok?telinis au?intuvas 24 plok?teli?

Plate cooler

Plate cooler. 24 plates.
12,7mm jungtis su 1/2 BSP 

12.7mm connection with 1/2 BSP

12.7mm stainless steel fitting with 1/2 BSP male connector. These fittings are commonly used with immersion cooling coils on the market today.
Priešpriešinio srauto aušintuvas

Priešpriešinio srauto aušintuvas

Šie variniai priešpriešinių srautų aušintuvai yra vienas greičiausių būdų atšaldyti misą. Tačiau jie yra panašiai veiksmingi kaip ir 30 plokštelių aušintuvai. Tik kad plokšteliniai aušintuvai yra jautresni nuosėdom ar apynių...