Ferminator Basic

Ferminator Basic

The Ferminator ensures fermentation at a precise and stable temperature. Room temp. (20 °) Ferminator can reduce the temp. to 0 ° and raise to 50 ° *.

The Ferminator allows you to ferment at the exact temperature you want. For example, a pilsner or lager can be fermented at a suitable low temperature, or a beer can be fermented at a high temperature to produce many of the desired esters.

The fermenter maintains a constant temperature during the fermentation process and can of course be adjusted at any time. A constant fermentation temperature ensures that unwanted flavor notes can be avoided and that the yeast will go into hibernation.

Cooling/heating unit
At room temperature (20°C), the Ferminator can reduce the temperature to 0C and raise the temperature to 50°C*.

The temperature adjustment range is + -0.5 ° C,

temperature regulation

The Ferminator is designed to cool and heat at a fine-tuned level, focusing on creating the best conditions for yeast and beer. To avoid stressing the yeast or even killing it, the Ferminator is equipped with adjustable and customized temperature control. Stable temperature and regulation also ensure that the yeast does not go into hibernation.

Ferminator temperature adjustment intervals:

From 20°C to 5°C, within 24-48 hours*.

From 20°C to 0°C, within 48-72 hours*.

20°C to 40°C, within 8-12 hours*.

From 50 °C to 20 °C, > 24 hours *.

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