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Malt is the main ingredient in beer production. It can be barley, rye, wheat and many other grains. Malt for beer is produced by germinating grains, then roasting them. The type of malt depends on how hard and how long the modified grain is heated. Malts are usually standardized, so malts with similar properties can be found from different manufacturers, e.g. Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, this is a base malt whose production technology is used by all manufacturers. 

Who needs malt? 

It is the main source of sugar in beer. During malting, fermentable and non-fermentable sugars are extracted from the malt, which are then eaten by the yeast. 

What is the difference between base and specialty malt? 

Base malt is the main ingredient of all beers, which can make up from 50% to 100% of all malts used, its taste characteristics are not dominant, it usually has a strong enzymatic power. Special malt can be various: Caramel malt, coffee malt, burnt malt, aromatic, etc. special malt, even in small quantities, can drastically change the taste, color and appearance of beer. 

The price of malt may vary due to its properties, i.e. due to the complexity of modification, as well as due to different manufacturers, due to the variety of grain and the like. 

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