Inkbird ITC-308 termokontroleris

Inkbird ITC-308 thermal controller

The Inkbird ITC-308 is a ready-to-use, plug-and-play thermostat/temperature controller: just plug in, set the temperature, and walk away.


  • CE certificate
  • large, clear LCD display with set and measured temperature
  • dual purpose: cooling and heating
  • automatic alarm in case of sensor failure and excessive temperature
  • high and low temperature alarm
  • calibration function
  • the temperature difference function can be configured separately for heating and cooling


  • temperature control range: -50 to +99°C (adjustable)
  • read-out to 0.1°C (resolution)
  • accuracy: ± 1°C (-50 to +70°C)
  • relay capacity heating: 10 A (max.) 240 V
  • relay capacity cooling: 10 A (max.) 240 V
  • stainless steel probe sensor
  • sensor cable length: 2.00 m
  • input power cable length: 1.50 m
  • output power cable length: 0.20 m
  • body dimensions: 140 x 68 x 33 mm
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Vendor: Alus live