FermZilla 30L
"Fermzilla" 30L - All Rounder 
"Fermzilla" 30L - All Rounder 
"Fermzilla" 30L - All Rounder 
"Fermzilla" 30L - All Rounder 

Fermzilla 30L - All Rounder

This set includes:

1 x tank

1 x stainless steel handles
1 x 304 stainless steel stand

1 x Airock
1 x pressure cap

1 x temperature sticker

1 x red 2.5 bar pressure limiter

1 x Gradation Sticker

Easy to clean

This fermenter is made of ultra-smooth PET, making it easy to clean. Just use a small scoop "PBW" and wipe it off after soaking for 5 minutes. No need to scrub.

Large opening of 120 mm
The opening at the top is much larger than the older Snub Nose or other similar fermenters. This bad guy has a 120mm opening, so even brewers with big hands can easily reach the top, making cleaning even easier.

The pressure is evaluated
This fermenter has a pressure of up to 2.5 bar, so you can forcefully aerate like in a barrel. You can use this fermenter for closed transfers and significantly reduce the exposure to oxygen.

Crystal clear
The walls of the All Rounder tanner are crystal clear, so you can see what's going on inside. This makes it very easy to visually determine how the fermentation is going, how the yeast is flocculating, etc.

Without skipping a beat
PET plastic is not permeable like some other fermenters made of PP or HDPE. The fermenter wall is a much better gas barrier, so the product stays fresh longer.

Does not transfer taste and aroma
Other HDPE fermentation tanks tend to be porous enough to transfer flavor and aroma from batch to batch.

Please note:
When using this vessel under pressure. You need to do a water pressure test to make sure your connections are tight. To do this. Fill the FermZilla container with water, then pressurize the container to at least 15 kPa. Check for leaks around all caps/threads.

Sometimes these units may come with small dings/dents/dents from shipping, this is the reality of shipping large thin wall wind instruments. But don't panic, these fermentation vessels are designed to withstand such minor deformations. It was necessary to install it into the structure so that they could withstand accidental suction caused by frost shocks and rough transportation without compromising their integrity and ability to withstand high pressure. Any small dents are pushed out and deposited by use and positive pressure, so they are a problem and only warrant replacement in the rare event that they start to show white stress patterns or damage the plastic.


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