Buteli? u?pildytuvas - Beer gun
Butelių užpildytuvas - Beer Gun 
Butelių užpildytuvas - Beer Gun 

Bottle filler - Beer Gun

€55,00 €39,00

Beer Gun bottle filler, bottling from your draft beer system.

Got a keg of beer but want to fill up a few bottles and take them with you to the competition, the beach or a friend's house? The BeerGun is a great way to fill bottles from a keg. Every part that comes into contact with the beer is made of stainless steel. This unit has a CO2 purge system to help prevent oxidation during filling.

These features, combined with a CO2 tube to inflate bottles and ergonomic valve actuators make filling bottles faster, more intuitive, more accurate and easier than ever before!

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SKU: KL01229