"Ball-lock" Disconnect "duotight" 8mm (5/16") su srauto valdymu. 
"Ball-lock" Disconnect "duotight" 8mm (5/16") su srauto valdymu. 

"Ball-lock" Disconnect "duotight" 8mm (5/16") with flow control.


"Ball-lock" Disconnect "duotight" 8mm (5/16") Beer with flow control.

If you want to easily balance beer lines, this is exactly how you can do it. Note that even in the fully open position, these FC connectors have some resistance to flow, so you can use a shorter line.
This is great for people who want to serve a wide variety of drinks with different levels of carbonation, as it allows you to easily adjust the resistance. Duotight connectors are now additionally installed.
This particular ball lock disconnector is designed to fit an 8mm beer line. Thanks to the built-in hermetic connection, the line is simply pushed directly into this connection.
For this ball lock release we recommend: EVABarrier 4mm x 8mm (best for short hose lengths). Or "EVABarrier" 5mm x 8mm

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