8L "Oxebar" polimero statin?s su BallLock
8L "Oxebar" polimero kegas 
8L "Oxebar" polimero kegas 
8L "Oxebar" polimero kegas 

8L Oxebar polymer keg


8L "Oxebar" polymer keg with Ball-Lock

This great value reusable plastic keg is the best way to store your homebrew in a smaller container than traditional 19L Corny kegs. The small 8L keg ​​is convenient, light and perfect for sharing drinks with friends.

This 8L keg ​​is light, compact, has good oxygen barrier properties and provides 3 times better protection than traditional PET plastic, making it suitable for storing beer and other oxygen-sensitive carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

This product is sold with a PCO38 cap and a PCO38 tap head for dispensing with ball lock connections. This is probably the most popular entry-level barrel system for beginners.

What is Oxebar Mono

Oxebar Mono is a PET polymer blend that uses several polymers mixed together to significantly improve gas barrier properties. Compared to standard PET plastic, Oxebar Mono can reduce oxygen ingress and CO2 loss, thus preserving your precious beverage and extending its shelf life x3 times. We recommend using this product for beer stored in barrels for up to 6 months.

Diameter: 155 mm Height: 520 mm Max pressure: 4 Bar

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Vendor: Kegland
SKU: KB03313-KL27144-KL22347