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Buteli? u?darytuvas ,,VIK''

Bottle stopper "VIK"

This is a convenient and universal bottle stopper "VIK" for wide use . Suitable for 26mm and 29mm can caps, as well as low or high neck bottles. 4 interchangeable...
?ampano u?rakt? u?darytuvas

Champagne cork stopper

Champagne cork stopper - a practical accessory that helps you tighten the champagne cork lock.
Vyno buteliu u?darytuvas

Wine bottle stopper

This practical tool will help you when making a small amount of wine. Easy to use, close the bottle. Enjoy wine for longer than ever before.
Buteli? u?darymo presas Grifo

Bottle closing press Grifo

Guarantees a perfectly sealed bottle. This table top cork press allows you to seal bottles ergonomically. the increased seal around the magnet reduces the risk of caps being crushed special...