Density measurement

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Hidrometras 3 skal?s

Hydrometer 3 scales

It's a must-have item for every brewer, from hobbyist to professional. A hydrometer measures the density or specific gravity of a liquid. Used to determine the gravity of the wort.


A refractometer is an optical precision instrument that determines the density of a liquid based on its refractive index. There is no need to recalculate Brix and SG to determine...
Alkometras 0-100% 

Breathalyzer 0-100%

Know exactly what percentage of alcohol is in your distillate.
RAPT hidrometras ir termometras 

RAPT hydrometer and thermometer

RAPT Pill allows accurate and real-time recording of specific gravity/density and temperature and control via wifi/bluetooth integration with RAPT Fermentation Chamber (KL15813), RAPT Mobile App or RAPT IOT. The RAPT...
Matavimo cilindras 100ml 

Measuring cylinder 100ml

100 ml polypropylene measuring cylinder - 1 ml graduation These cylinders have a wide solid base and a 28mm inner diameter. Approximately 24cm high, with 1ml graduation, ideal for hydrometers...
Matavimo cilindras 250ml 

Measuring cylinder 250ml

250ml measuring cylinder with (2ml divisions) These measuring cylinders are made of the same laboratory grade borosilicate as Erlenmeyer flasks. The volume of the measuring cylinders is 250ml with 2ml...
Matavimo cilindras 270ml 

Matavimo cilindras 270ml

Matavimo Cilindras 270ml. Negraduotas. Skersmuo: 32mmAukštis: 400mmTalpa: 270cm3
Matavimo cilindras 150ml 

Matavimo cilindras 150ml

Matavimo Cilindras 150ml. Negraduotas. Skersmuo: 32mmAukštis: 240mmTalpa: 150cm3