Kegs and their accessories

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19L Kegas (Cornelius)

19L Kegas (Cornelius)

Mangrove 19 l talpos nerūdijančio plieno statinė su rutuliniu užraktu (ball-lock). Naujas.
Cornelius Kegas 9L (Atnaujinti)

Cornelius Keg 9L (Refresh)

Restauruotas Cornelius Kegas 9 litrų talpos. Cornelius kegas (arba tiesiog "Corny kegs") yra metaliniai indai, skirti laikyti ir gabenimui skystus produktus, ypač alų. Jie taip pat vadinami "soda kegs" arba...
Cornelius Kegas 19L (Atnaujinti)

Cornelius Keg 19L (Refresh)

Cornelius kegs (or simply "Corny kegs") are metal containers for storing and transporting liquid products, especially beer. They are also called "soda kegs" or "soda pop kegs" because they were...
8L "Oxebar" polimero statin?s su BallLock

8L Oxebar polymer keg

8L "Oxebar" polymer keg with Ball-Lock This great value reusable plastic keg is the best way to store your homebrew in a smaller container than traditional 19L Corny kegs. The...
Flow Stopper -Automatinis keg? u?pildytuvas

Flow Stopper - Automatic keg filler

Simply attach this device to the keg's gas outlet connection, and when the keg is full, it will prevent liquid from continuing to flow out of the gas connection. This...
Kegerator Series X  3 Taps

Kegerator Series X 3 Taps

Kegerator Series X with 3 NukaTap taps and Flow Control. Screen setting temp. range: -5 to 28°C*. Includes MK4 regulator, drip tray, CO2 tank holder, shelf, casters and more. The...
Keg set Light

Keg set Light

Oxebar kegų rinkinys su išpilstymo priedais puikios vertės daugkartinio naudojimo plastikinė statinė yra geriausias būdas laikyti savo namų alų mažesnėje talpykloje nei tradicinės 19 l talpos "Corny" statinės. Maža 8...


Kegs are beer barrels that are adapted for beer bottling systems. These are pressurized containers where beer can be poured through bar taps, portable systems or even picnic taps. Using kegu systems has many advantages over bottling. With keg systems, you will avoid a large amount of sediment in the beer. Transferring the beer from the fermentation vessel to the keg takes only a few minutes and saves a lot of time compared to bottling, both for washing and pouring.