Stoppers 26mm

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M?lyni 26mm 100vnt.

Blue 26mm

€3,00 – €12,00
Blue plugs 26mm.
Auksiniai 26mm 100vnt.

Gold 26mm

€3,00 – €12,00
Gold beer bottle caps. 26 mm.
Geltoni 26mm 100vnt.

Yellow 26mm

€3,00 – €12,00
Yellow beer bottle caps. 26 mm.
?ydri absorbuojantys O? 26mm 1000vnt.

Blue absorbent O2 26mm

€3,50 – €23,00
Absorbing oxygen. A special insert that absorbs the oxygen left in the neck of the bottle, thus reducing the oxidation of beer or drinks. Oxygen absorption liners ensure extra freshness,...
Balti 26mm 100vnt.

White 26mm

€3,00 – €12,00
White plugs 26mm.
Salotiniai 26mm 100vnt.

Salad 26mm

€3,00 – €21,00
Butelių kamšteliai 26mm. Spalva: Salotiniai.
Juodi 26mm 

Black 26mm

€3,00 – €12,00
Black beer bottle caps. 26 mm.

Karūniniai kamšteliai 26mm