Tap fitting faucets

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Alaus ?iaupas Picnic

Beer tap "Picnic"

KL07481 (8mm) or KL08648 (9.5mm) adapters can be attached.
Picnic komplektas V1 

Picnic komplektas V1

Faucet set. Picnic beer tap, 8mm hose, Ball-lock disconnect.
Picnic komplektas V2 

Picnic komplektas V2

Faucet set. Picnic beer tap, 6.35mm (1/4) to 9.5mm (3/8) adapter, 9.5mm hose, Ball-lock disconnect (tree)


Stainless steel beer tap.
NukaTap Ilgas Strypas 100mm 

"NukaTap" Long Rod 100mm

"NukaTap" Long Rod 100mm. These 100mm rods are suitable for fixing NukaTap taps to the fridge/freezer wall.
Antgalis žarnelei užmauti (NukaTap) 

Hose tip (NukaTap)

The nozzle screws onto the NukaTap faucet and allows you to fill the bottle more smoothly and easily.
NukaTap FC spyruokl?

NukaTap FC spring

NukaTap FC auto-closing spring for 1st generation units only.
Metalinis kranelis 1/2 sriegis

Metal faucet

1/2 thread. For wooden barrels.
Juoda chromuota NukaTap čiaupo rankena 

Black chrome NukaTap faucet handle

Black chrome NukaTap faucet handle. These black chrome faucet handles are a great upgrade to any keg or bar rig. If you like the usual black faucet handle, but a...
"Ball-lock" Disconnect su NukaTap adapteriu 

Ball-lock Disconnect with NukaTap adapter

Ball-lock Disconnect beer connector with NukaTap tap adapter. This really handy thing has an integrated tap adapter so you can connect standard beer taps like Nukatap or Nukatap FC directly....
Juoda plastikinė NukaTap čiaupo rankena 

Black plastic NukaTap faucet handle

NukaTap Black Plastic Faucet Handle. 66.6mm long.
Chromuota žalvarinė NukaTap čiaupo rankena 

Chrome plated brass NukaTap faucet handle

Chrome NukaTap faucet handle. These chrome tap handles are a great upgrade to any keg or bar rig. If you like glitter, you'll love these handles. Chromed brass design (slightly...
Juoda trumpa plastikinė NukaTap čiaupo rankena 

Black short plastic NukaTap faucet handle

Black short plastic NukaTap faucet handle. The ergonomic short handle of the ball valve is made of reinforced black plastic. Fits most standard faucets.
NukaTap SS Spyruoklė 

NukaTap spring

NukaTap SS self-closing faucet spring. The NukaTap SS can be used with an automatic closing spring. By placing a spring between the rod and the faucet body, the faucet will...
NukaTap Mini komplektas 

NukaTap Mini komplektas

NukaTap Mini čiaupo komplektas.  Pilnas sprendimas su čiaupu, adapteriu, spyruokle ir rutuliniu užraktu su srauto reguliavimu. Puikiai tinka kilnojamajam pilstymui, mini statinėms, kegams, mėginių ėmimui iš fermentacijos įrenginių ir netgi...
"Beer taps and fittings" is a product group for brewers and restaurant owners. This group includes all the necessary elements to ensure a successful brewing process. The most important parts of this product group are beer taps and fittings, which are used for beer bottling equipment. Beer taps are an essential component of beer production, which are used to filter fermented beer from sediments and other particles. Fittings are another important component of beer bottling equipment that ensures a smooth transfer of beer from the container to the glass.

In addition to beer taps and fittings, the product group also includes various other beer equipment. This can be, for example, beer bottling equipment that can be used to pour beer directly into a container or glass. Such equipment can be a large capacity for a beer bar or a smaller capacity for a home. In addition, there are various other types of beer equipment, such as beer taps, that are also important to the brewing process.

The entire Beer Taps and Fittings product line is important in the brewing and supply industry, ensuring a quality beer product and providing a good experience to consumers. Beer taps and fittings are essential elements of beer bottling equipment, while beer taps and other types of equipment allow beer to be poured directly into glasses and containers.