Premium SS - MaltZilla + Hoper + Board
Premium SS - MaltZilla

Premium SS - MaltZilla + Hopper + Board


The long-awaited "MaltZilla" has finally appeared. A lot of research and development has gone into designing, manufacturing and testing the MaltZilla Diamond Grinder. The built-in high-torque motor is powerful enough to easily bite through corn kernels (this was part of our testing procedure during research and development). You will only need to choose a power source - whether it is a simple crocodile to connect to the battery. Or choose your preferred 24V slimline power supply (AU plug).

Historically, other mill manufacturers made grain mills out of steel. In some other good quality mills, the steel is hardened so that the teeth stay sharp longer and continue to pull the grain. However, even hardened steel cuts soon become blunt, which reduces the grinder's ability to pull grain well. Some other manufacturers try to solve this problem by using gear rollers so that the rollers grip the grain a little better, or by using 3 rollers, where the first two rollers with a larger gap force the grain to the third roller. In our opinion, these options do not solve the real problem, which is that all these steel rollers tend to be blunter, especially if hard grains like wheat or corn are used.

In a commercial environment, it is not uncommon for coils to be sent to a metalworking plant to be winnowed and rewound, but this is often uneconomical and tedious work. Smaller homebrew customers may just have to throw out the mill and buy a new one.

The MaltZilla diamond mill is a mill of a completely different design, using diamonds impregnated into the surface of the shaft for the first time in the world. Even after many tons of grain have been processed through the mill, these diamonds will remain as sharp as the first day.

Due to the sharpness of the diamonds, the grain is really extracted very well and even when using hard products like corn, the diamond rollers simply crush them.

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