Bottles and Their Accessories

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PET alaus butelis 1L su kam??iu

PET beer bottle 1L with stopper

1L PET butelis alui ir kitiems karbonizuotiems gėrimams. Aukštis:  303mm Skersmuo: 82mm
Buteli? u?darytuvas ,,VIK''

Bottle stopper "VIK"

This is a convenient and universal bottle stopper "VIK" for wide use . Suitable for 26mm and 29mm can caps, as well as low or high neck bottles. 4 interchangeable...
Buteli? u?darymo presas Grifo

Bottle closing press Grifo

Guarantees a perfectly sealed bottle. This table top cork press allows you to seal bottles ergonomically. the increased seal around the magnet reduces the risk of caps being crushed special...
Vyno buteliu u?darytuvas

Wine bottle stopper

This practical tool will help you when making a small amount of wine. Easy to use, close the bottle. Enjoy wine for longer than ever before.
?ampano u?rakt? u?darytuvas

Champagne cork stopper

Champagne cork stopper - a practical accessory that helps you tighten the champagne cork lock.
Sifono vo?tuvas 10mm

Siphon valve 10mm

Siphon valve 10mm. For filling beer bottles.
Sifono vo?tuvas WINE FILLER

Siphon valve 16mm

Siphon valve 16mm - WINE FILLER. For filling wine bottles.
Teleskopinis sifonas (reguliuojamo ilgio)

Telescopic siphon

Telescopic siphon (adjustable length)
Automatinis sifonas buteli? pilstymui "Easy Start"

Automatic siphon for bottling "Easy Start"

The length of the siphon tube is 44 cm The siphon does not have a tip that needs to be inserted into the bottle, it must be purchased additionally.
Buteli? u?pildytuvas - Beer gun

Bottle filler - Beer gun

Beergun bottle filler, bottling from your draft beer system.
Buteli? D?iovykla - 80 viet?.

Bottle dryer

Bottle dryer for 80 places. Modular bottle dryer. sections can be removed and added.