Slėginis komplektas V1 

Pressure set V1

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With this pressure kit you can unleash the true potential of the FermZilla, it turns the FermZilla into a true tank that is a conical fermenter for fermentation, carbonation and bottling. This kit fits both the 35 and 55 liter FermZilla. Thanks to this upgrade, it is now possible to ferment at home under pressure, just like commercial breweries do. Therefore, more heat is retained during fermentation and less esters are released.

When fermented with pressure, the beer is already carbonated and can be served directly using the pressure kit. A pressure relief valve ensures that the maximum pressure of 2.4 bar in the fermentation vessel is not exceeded. If you still want a keg, then you can easily transfer the beer to the keg without losing pressure.

  • less esters and fusel due to fermentation under pressure
  • you will always pour clear beer with a float tube
  • beer is carbonated during fermentation
  • serve directly or transfer to a barrel without pressure loss
  • cover (photo 2) not included
Note: The pressure kit silicone hose is 80cm long. When using FermZilla 27 l, the hose must be shortened to the desired length (approx. 60 cm).
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