Lalvinª K1-V1116 5g.

Lalvin K1-V1116


Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is one of the yeasts that produces the highest number of floral esters (isoamyl acetate, hexylacetate, phenylethyl acetate) when fermented at low temperature (below 16°C) and with proper nutrient addition. These esters add a fresh floral aroma to neutral varieties or high-yielding grapes. Among the high ester producers, Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is the most resistant strain under difficult fermentation conditions such as low turbidity, low temperature and low fatty acid content. Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is also a proven strain for ice wine fermentation.

Alcohol tolerance up to 18%

Fermentation temperature 10-35°C

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