"BlowTie" Sl?ginis komplektas 0-15 psi

BlowTie Pressure kit 0-15psi

Complete Blowtie Pressure Kit
Fully assembled and ready to use.
Adjustable overpressure valve 0-15 psi. Easy to adjust precisely.

This kit is designed to be simple and easy to assemble.

This set includes:
1 x KL15042 BlowTie Spunding Valve Gen 2 with integrated 0-15psi pressure gauge
1 x KL20756 duotight 8mm (5/16") x Ball Lock Connector (Grey + Red / Gas)
1 x KL18012 Sturdy 8mm plastic connector

Brand New Compact BlowTie Spunding Valve Gen2 Integrated Kit. If you want to control the pressure held in a pressure vessel that releases pressure, then the BlowTie Diaphragm Fill Valve is the tool for you.

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Vendor: Kegland
SKU: KB03529